The Value of a Healthy Life

As I reflect on my own cultural values and biases, I realize that I am somewhat ethnocentric, however I certainly don’t believe that my beliefs are the only acceptable ones.  I think that everyone has their own unique set of values influenced by how they were raised and their personal experiences through life.  My experiences have lead me to believe that hard work will get you where you want to be.  Perserverence is in many ways difficult, which is why the payoff is so high. 

I grew up with incredibly hard working parents who taught my brother and I the importance of hard work and how to apply it in all arenas.  This includes not only in school and at the work place, but everywhere else such as doing yardwork and chores, exercising and eating a balanced diet, and the work that keeps a family together.  While understanding that working hard has the utmost importance, playing, loving and living are also key ingredients in a happy life. 

The growing trend that by the year 2030, 40% of the U.S. population will consist of minority groups tells me that I will be working with a multicultural community.  This will prove to be difficult for me as a nutritionist because there are some beliefs and health practices of minorities that may contribute to health risks.  This is an area where I will need to practice my approach, and be aware of my intentions, to not uncounsiously assume and stereotype.  I feel that, for the most part, your own health is your own responsibility.  The majority of the overweight population has made certain choices in their life resulting in an unhealthy weight.  This is where I will have the most difficulty in my career, feeling empathetic, not angry, towards these individuals because I tend to assume that there is a lack of hard work being done.  I hope to find that no matter what cultural or ethnic background you come from, their is a universal goal that we are all striving for which is to live life to its fullest, healthy and happy. 

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