Nutrition’s role

Community nutrition has a vital role in the overall health of the community.  In order to keep the community healthy, the community needs to know how to stay healthy.  The proper resources such as cooking classes, co-ops, low-cost foods, and knowledge about the nutrition basics needs to be provided to a community.  Many things can be implemented besides laws and policies such as onhand experience which may be volunteering at local gardens and farmers markets.  Having your own hand in creating something for your community creates a strong sense of family, of team, of working together for the greater good.  Some individuals/families need the extra guidance which can be found in classes, or information/pamphlets posted at local stores and co-ops.  Keeping the entire community healthy also involves providing for everyone.  Many families and individuals, especially in these hard times, cannot always afford to go to the grocery stores to fill their pantries and fridges, which is why food banks are such a vital resource.  There are many other ways to involve the community in promoting a healthy lifestyle, for example, the Turkey Run every November.  Not only does this provide an opportunity for people to come together to raise money for those in need, or to win their own turkey, but it also integrates physical fitness into ones overall health.  Physical activity is a key component to staying healthy, and it’s important that opportunities are provided.  These opportunities don’t need to be volunteering at fundraisers or buying expensive gym memberships.  It is important for the community to provide public areas including parks, bike lanes, walking trails, play grounds, etc for people and their families to use at no cost and at any time that works in their busy schedules.  Community health involves many corners, which I am eager to explore this semester.

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